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SECURITY: ACCSSA Adds 'Multiscan Alert' Feature to Its System


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Prevents additional occurrences of fraud across multiple car rental agencies

The Webcom Group, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) organisation that delivers end-to-end products and solutions, in conjunction with subsidiary ACCSSA (Active Customer Credibility Scan and Security Alerts), a complete risk solution for the car rental and related industries, has announced its 'Multiscan Alert' feature to its risk solution. This new feature curbs the trend of fraudsters stealing multiple vehicles across multiple car rental companies in a single day.

Says Mike Martin, MD at ACCSSA, "Fraudsters often manage to steal numerous 'high-end' luxury vehicles long before anyone is alerted to their activity - all within a single day. Their 'modus operandi' is to target multiple companies within a single day, allowing them to steal multiple vehicles prior to their status as a fraudster being flagged"

This newly added feature monitors the system for multiple scans within the past 24 hours (or any pre-determined time period) of Drivers Licences, ID Books, Passports and Credit Cards across all subscribers, all branches and all users of the ACCSSA system. Should any of these documents be scanned more than once in a set time period, the user will instantly be notified in the pop-up window and an email alert will instantly be sent to the 'main subscriber' of the systems or the 'risk manager' of the relevant user.

Adds Martin, "Whilst our existing system offers effective protection against these fraudsters after they have been identified and their details recorded on the ACCSSA system, there remains the period of risk between the time of the original fraudulent activity and the time when the fraudster is captured onto our database. This leaves a window of opportunity for fraudsters and exposes subscribers to further possible cases of theft from the same perpetrators. This new 'Multiscan Alert' feature addresses this issue effectively. We believe this to be an extremely valuable tool in the fight against fraud."

"Car rental fraud and vehicle theft in South Africa costs the industry in excess of an estimated R20m per month. Current users, including First Car Rental and Hertz Car Rental, have welcomed this addition to ACCSSA's comprehensive risk management offering for the car rental and related industries."

Through ACCSSA's collaboration with MaxID, a South African manufacturer and supplier of latest technology scanners, they offer a unique and affordable solution for car rental companies that provide:

. secure, real-time and instant access to ACCSSA's Defaulter Database;
. access to the new 'Multiscan Alert' feature;
. for the sharing of defaulting customer information instantly with your other branches, and other subscribing companies;
. decryption of SA and USA Drivers Licences and all international 'chipped' passports;
. verification of credit card issuing banks (bin number verification);
. form-fill solutions to populate data directly into your Rental Agreement (RA) system, reducing customer delays and eliminating typing errors;
. a better customer experience through a quicker check-in process;
. a system that easily integrates with your RA or booking system;
. a reduction in fraud, theft and vandalism.

Concludes Martin, "Having this latest feature is essential for car rental organisations to proactively manage and reduce their risk, ensuring that no unnecessary fraud takes place due to time delays of registering the details of these 'con artists'. After all, prevention is better than cure."

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