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INFOTECH: Flexible Computing to Grow Your Business Into the Future


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For all the flexibility your business needs, out of the box productivity and
the latest in processor technology, the new HP Pro 3130 family is now
available from distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC). The HP Pro 3130
Minitower PC and 3130 Small Form Factor PC are feature packed devices that
deliver superior upgradability in a compact form for clutter-free working
and enhanced business productivity.

The HP Pro 3130 range now offers the latest generation of Intel Core i
processors and chipset and ships standard with Windows 7 64-bit operating
system, enabling consumers to obtain maximum performance and an enhanced
user experience. Both the Minitower and Small Form Factor PC are upgradable
and allow dual monitor support, increased hard drive space through the
addition of an extra hard drive and up to 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory to
expand capacity and improve productivity.

"The latest generation Intel processors and chipsets deliver faster,
multi-core technology to intelligently balance performance to match
workloads for optimal performance. The Intel Core i processors automatically
apply processing power where it is needed most to deliver optimal
multitasking capability," says Deon Botha, HP Personal Systems Group
Business Unit Manager at DCC.

The HP Pro 3130 Minitower PC is highly expandable, designed to evolve with
the growing and changing needs of a business, with available ports, slots
and bays to enable users to configure the PC to meet today's needs and
expand capabilities in the future. Optional extras on the machine include a
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed PCIe card, a 22-in-1 Media Card Reader, and a second hard
drive to take advantage of the RAID data mirroring capability of the tower.

The 3130 Small Form Factor PC delivers top performance in a smart design
that minimises footprint and maximises convenience. With wireless networking
and built in Bluetooth as added options as well as wireless mouse and
keyboard that can be used, this machine offers the ultimate in powerful,
space efficient and clutter-free computing, all in a compact package that
measures in at half the size of a standard minitower PC.

"The HP Pro 3130 machines are ideal for small to medium businesses and
customers in the mid-market who need greater return on investment from their
technology. The machines are fully upgradable as extra hard drives and RAM
can be added rather than replacing the whole unit, delivering extra value
far beyond the norm. The PCs are also perfect for larger organisations where
growth is being experiences and demand from IT systems is expected to
increase," says Botha.

Both devices ship with preinstalled software to enhance productivity and
usability, including HP ProtectTools Suite, HP Power assistant and Norton
Internet Security 2011, for out of the box usability and superior

"To deliver even greater value, the HP Pro 3130 machines are also available
as hard bundles with the PC and monitor shipping together. This makes the
3130 series the ideal machine for first time installations, growing
business, and any other instance where the purchase of both PC and monitor
need to occur together" he concludes.

The HP Pro 3130 Minitower PC and HP Pro 3130 Small Form Factor PC can be
ordered from Drive Control Corporation.

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