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BUSINESS: Quantum Brings All-Inclusive Deduplication Appliance to SMES


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Quantum, the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archiving, has announced its new, all-inclusive DXi4500 disk backup appliances. The DXi4500 provides non-disruptive deduplication that will help small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and remote offices to simply and cost-effectively address their backup needs.

Quantum Africa Country Manager, Rudi Jansen van Vuuren says, “SMEs generally struggle with a number of persistent backup challenges. To assist them in coping with limited backup windows, the DXi4500 appliances improve backup performance, typically by a factor of two to three.” Offering higher deduplication ratios that combat the expense of rapidly expanding disk backup and enabling cost-effective data movement, greatly reduces the difficulty and expense of media management and offsite data transfer for disaster recovery purposes. “SMEs coping with increasing backup complexity will also appreciate how the DXi4500 makes deduplication easy to deploy and operate, with a simple NAS interface.”

The DXi4500 addresses remote office challenges, where managing tape backup and having confidence in restore capabilities can be an issue. “The DXi4500 enables remote office tape replacement while leveraging high deduplication ratios, decreasing bandwidth requirements for replication to a central data centre for management and disaster recovery and providing true edge-to-core data protection,” he says.

DXi4500 appliances are optimized for Symantec OpenStorage API and are currently undergoing qualification with NetBackup and Backup Exec. The OpenStorage API provides a single point of management across sites and storage tiers, automating the process of catalogue-aware backup replication.

“Unlike software-based deduplication solutions, the DXi4500 appliances provide rapid, seamless integration and maximum client performance without requiring changes to existing backup architectures or potentially disruptive media server upgrades,” says Jansen van Vuuren.

The DXi4500 models provide 2 TB or 4 TB of usable capacity with RAID 6 protection, up to 400 GB per hour data ingest performance and support encrypted and compressed replication streams for up to 99 percent network bandwidth savings.

“The DXi4500 makes deduplication simpler and more cost-effective than a software-only approach. Offsite disaster recovery becomes affordable for SMEs and remote offices are able to perform disaster recovery through large central data centres," concludes Jansen van Vuuren.


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