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The Online Entertainment Industry Is Putting Pressure On Internet Bandwidth - How will ISP’s respond


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During the past several years we’ve witnessed a real revolution in the online entertainment industry that affected the way we listen to music, watch shows and even play games. Besides standard music, movie and show channels we’ve been introduced to online streaming services that give us the option to get the same thing as before, but anywhere and anytime. Naturally, the whole concept of the online entertainment industry is very attractive and thus millions of people find their weapon against boredom on the Internet. However, this didn’t come without any consequences; more precisely, the industry is putting pressure on the Internet bandwidth and ISP are expected to do something about it fairly soon. Understandably, the question is how they plan to answer this problem and will their actions somehow affect end users.

A simple way to understand this problem is by taking into account Netflix and its amazing expansion over the years. The streaming service allows customers to watch some of the world’s most popular shows on multiple channels like TV, mobile devices and etc. According to some recently published information, Netflix has 400 billion interactions per day and 37% of the population is using its services in peak hours. This platform is available in 60 countries around the world and by the end of the next year that number should reach 200. All this information is impressive for Netflix, but worrisome for ISPs that have to deal with all that traffic.

Naturally, Netflix is only one isolated example; there are also YouTube and similar video streaming sites, online Flash casinos and many other content suppliers whose services are becoming too big of a problem to ISPs. For example, anytime thousands of players play at the same casino online in South Africa, they start thousands of games and pressure the bandwidth. This thing happens when millions of people decide to check the latest viral video whose views count grows each and every second as well.

In the past, around 2011, there has been speculation that ISPs were intentionally slowing down traffic from sites similar to Netflix because they use up a lot of network bandwidth. According to experts, such actions are necessary in order to keep a good traffic flow for everyone. Many reporters at the time claimed that IPSs attempted to force charges on websites that use up high amounts of bandwidth and that wanted to keep their fast connection.

Similarly, back in 2013 there has been an in-depth analysis of the battle to control the Internet that revealed Time Warner Cable and Verizon users were experiencing degraded service when using content services that pressure the bandwidth too much. In the well developed article was written that ISPs are trying to change how the Internet works, while users are simply bystanders whose voice is ignored. According to the information provided there, ISPs at the time wanted to introduce new regulations that would require content providers to pay fees for ports that have too much traffic. The same analysis even speculated that Telcos wanted to make the Internet just like the phone system, which is, in fact, 100,000 times more expensive than the current Internet functioning model.

In conclusion, we can say that when a single idea is mentioned several times at the end it turns out to be much more than just an idea. Therefore, it’s fair to guess that soon enough content providers might be forced by ISPs to pay for the bandwidth they use up. However, whether such a move would result in increased expenses for the companies or larger service fees for end consumers remains to be seen.

Date Posted: 2015-12-03
Posted By: KBN Press Release
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