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INFOTECH: Autonomy Records Manager Ushers in a New Era Of Information


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New IDOL-powered Autonomy Records Manager ushers in a new era
of information governance

Market-leading information governance solution automatically understands
meaning of content, powering automatic classification on-premise and in the

Soarsoft Africa, local distributor of Autonomy's solutions has announced
that Autonomy Records Manager, now powered by its IDOL (Intelligent Data
Operating Layer) server, is continuing to transform the information
governance market with its unique meaning-based technology.

Based on IDOL's ability to understand concepts and patterns in all forms of
data, Autonomy Records Manager applies automatic classification, retention,
and disposition to information, and stands alone as the solution of choice
for organisations looking to stay ahead of the evolving information
management challenges of today's marketplace. Autonomy Records Manager
provides new modules for the enterprise, legal, and government customers,
and includes new auto-classification and cloud computing capabilities to
allow organisations to develop a much more intelligent and comprehensive
information governance strategy.

Says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa, "Manual records management
tools are just no longer viable amid today's complex information governance
requirements, high volumes of information and the ever increasing intensity
and pace of business operations. Autonomy Records Manager offers a solution
to this challenge, using IDOL's ability to automatically understand and
apply policies to all forms of information."

Meaning-based automatic classification enables compliance and cost savings

Autonomy Records Manager allows records management professionals to keep
pace with current market dynamics by offering an automated approach that
applies policies consistently across all data without copying or moving
information. These methods of automation include manage-in-place,
"click-to-declare", automatic grouping of like-content, and identification
of near-duplicates.

Autonomy Records Manager leverages the IDOL platform for scalability,
connectivity, and mapped security, as well as for indexing and analysing the
meaning of content. It can automatically create taxonomies, records
categories, file plans based on the corpus of data, import an existing
taxonomy, or allow users to train the records categories or file plan, so
that IDOL can automatically identify content across all repositories in an
organisation that should be managed as records. This functionality not only
solves the task of identifying records in legacy repositories, but it also
automatically categorises new content, eliminating the need to train the
user manual management processes.

New cloud, on-premise, and hybrid capabilities enable range of governance

Autonomy Records Manager is available to customers both on-premise and
in-the-cloud. Autonomy manages the world's largest private cloud with over
17 petabytes of email, documents, and multimedia data on 6,500 servers in 8
state-of-the-art, highly secured data centers around the world. Autonomy's
cloud-based Records Manager fully complies with the recently-released ARMA
International's "Guideline for Outsourcing Records Storage to the Cloud".
Businesses can maintain a hybrid deployment that includes a combination of
cloud and on-premise information, allocating data to each environment based
on policies and company strategy. This greatly benefits organisations that
wish to move to the cloud in small stages; for instance, if a business would
prefer to manage email over six months old in the cloud, and keep new types
of application data, like SharePoint, on premise.

Autonomy Records Manager offers the following new modules to meet the needs
of the different markets:

Enterprise: Module delivers federated capabilities with a manage-in-place
model, enabling global enterprises to automatically manage their hundreds of
data sources, including both electronic and physical records. It provides
advanced automation for taxonomy creation, declaration and classification,
helping to reduce both the reliance on employees and the workload of records
management professionals.
Government: In addition to the above capabilities, this module provides
support for real-time data delivery, FOIA processing, and enhanced
military-grade security. Autonomy is an early adopter of international
standards and is certified against the United States' DoD 5015.2 (ch. 2, 3,
4), UK TNA, and VERS.
Legal: This module supports the unique requirements of the law firm by
providing dual hierarchy file plans for the management of both client and
firm records, mobility support, ethical wall security, federation across all
data sources, including robust physical records management, as well as
manage-in-place and case management capabilities.

As a key solution in Autonomy's Protect product line, Autonomy Records
Manager fulfills a critical role in delivering Meaning Based Governance to
enterprises, government agencies and law firms. It works transparently with
Autonomy's comprehensive set of information governance modules, including
Early Case Assessment, Investigator, Legal Hold, Introspect, ControlPoint,
WorkSite, Consolidated Archive, and Supervisor. When coupled with Autonomy
ControlPoint, Autonomy Records Manager enables organisations to apply policy
controls to manage non-records, and leverages our unique governance
dashboard for complete control and visibility of all content across the

About Soarsoft Africa

Soarsoft Africa has specialised in Archive, Migration and Messaging services
for over a decade, leveraging the experience gained from some of the largest
and most complex implementations around the world to deliver cost effective
and successful projects and solutions. Soarsoft Africa remains product
independent, but supports and implements what it considers to be trusted and
proven solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
Soarsoft Africa continues to evaluate its offerings to ensure they maintain
market and technological leadership positions, so that clients are offered
the very best advice when assessing products and solutions that will match
their requirements.
Soarsoft Africa has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa.


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