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INFOTECH: DCC Delivers Clever Digital Storage Solutions


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Verbatim, providers of innovative digital media storage solutions, has released two clever new solutions into the South African market, designed to meet the needs of people on the move. The 'Clip It' compact USB drive and the Store 'n Go Classic USB Drive with VApps are now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The 'Clip It' is a super light, ultra portable USB drive that combines digital storage with the simple functionality of a paper clip, bringing together two very different storage media. This Red Dot Design Award-winning device weighs in at only two grams and is less than half a centimetre thick, so you can post it without adding weight to standard envelopes, use it to keep together important hard copy documentation, or even clip it to your tie or business cards for easy access.

"USB drives have revolutionised storage, but people tend to misplace them at the most inconvenient times," says Drika Wilkins, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC. "The 'Clip It' solves this problem by being easy to clip onto virtually any papers or fabric. It is available in a range of bold colours to suit any style and comes in 2GB and 4GB formats, perfect for students, business users and anyone in between."

The Store 'n Go Classic USB Drive with VApps on the other hand may seem like an ordinary 4GB USB drive at first glance, put this powerful product packs so much more into its small shell. The device comes standard with 650Mb of free software, including a range of open source applications, links to social networking sites, top South African radio stations and more, essentially turning it into your own personal computer in your pocket. The device can also be password protected for added security.

"Users can visit internet cafes or public computers and use VApps to run their session, meaning that all of their applications are on the drive, not the computer, so no important files are left behind accidentally. Password protection adds another layer of security, and because everything runs of the USB drive no history is left behind on the machine, protecting the user from scammers, keystroke loggers and others with malicious intent," Wilkins explains.

VApps enables users to carry their browser and saved bookmarks, settings, email, Skype, audio and video players, graphics editing software and much more with them wherever they go. These applications as well as all personal data are all stored on the USB drive and can be used on any Windows computer, turning a small USB storage device into a portable computer for the masses.

"This device is ideal for students who need to make use of public computers frequently, and for business users who travel a lot but do not want the hassle of lugging around a notebook. VApps ensures complete security and privacy when browsing or working on publicly accessible machines," says Wilkins.

The minimal size of both of the drives as well as Verbatim's More Green, Less Plastic blister packaging concept ensure that the environmental impact of both devices is reduced. The Clip It and the Store 'n Go Classic USB Drive with VApps are both available now from DCC.

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