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Construction Advertsing


Construction company marketing and brand managers responsible for construction advertising are rapidly understanding the opportunity of branding on existing shadecloth on construction sites. Construction companies are in the enviable position of owning extremely valuable high exposure advertising real estate at street level and above. The potential exposure for construction advertising on shadecloth is almost limitless - with no restrictions on the amount of branding that can appear on construction shadecloth.

Construction Advertsing 

From a cost perspective, the shadecloth is already budgeted for as a project necessity so if the divisions are prepared to work together then existing budgeted site shadecloth can be printed on for strategic deployment in high traffic areas to maximise brand exposure with construction advertising. Grinaker-LTA did this in the Durban area very effectively during the 2010 World Cup Soccer.

Construction advertising and marketing is given modest weight so leverage of the department and budgets are invariably constrained, and secondly the project managers, buyers and marketing department often forget the potential of construction advertising on a supposedly mundane necessity such as shadecloth which does so well to boost company awareness and demand for construction services and future projects.

Our most successful construction advertising with custom shadecloth and shadecloth branding has been driven from CEO or equivalent as these roles have an overview of the entire project and can see the benefit for the whole company across divisions.

The bottom line is that with almost no extra cost, construction companies can considerably improve the effectiveness of the on-site construction advertising and brand identification and exposure simply by coordinating budgets bringing together the project budget for shadecloth and a minimal slice of the marketing budget in a joint effort.  Leading global construction companies such as Grinaker-LTA have already used this construction advertising effectively.  Once it is set up, it becomes part of the operation with simple deployment giving branding the maximum effect.

It's really an essential move to utilize this oft untapped space with a minor investment to print on the shadecloth already in use. The dividends speak for themselves. Give Shadenet Solutions a call and find out how easy it is to take your onsite branding to the next level.

Date Posted: 2011-08-30
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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