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Shadenet Tower Wraps


There is no way to beat the big outdoor brand exposure of shadenet tower wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions. Whether you are in the events or construction industry, put up a nice big scaffolding tower in a strategic position, wrap it in shadenet with your corporate colour and brand it with a few large, simple, clear logos that can be seen from a distance – it is just about the best exposure you can get.   

The advantage of shadenet tower wraps is that they can be seen from a long way off and stick out well amongst the other competing media. How can disposable branding like feather banners and pop-ups possibly compete with shadenet tower wraps. The Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour worked this advantage out. They have ten or fifteen shadenet tower wraps located in strategic positions at the start and finish and at other good locations throughout the course.

Shadenet Tower Wraps 

A number of golf events have TV towers which are ideal shadenet tower-wrapped with sponsor branding. Scaffolding towers look fantastic when branded properly and can be good screens for example at rock concerts. Scaffolding can be hired cheaply and shadenet is ideally suited for use on scaffolding. it is flexible, durable, and can be fixed easily with cable ties. After the event the shadenet tower wraps are removed and can be stored taking up far less space than other outdoor branding items – and re used over and over.

There is absolutely no comparison when it comes to competing substrates. PVC is heavy, expensive, and very difficult to rig. Polyflag or other "Poly" substrates are flimsy, not as flexible and forgiving, and don't handle the weather conditions well.  Shadenet lets some of the wind through the tower wrap and being flexible, it handles the winds better. 

A quick release system has been designed for extreme weather conditions for some structures in tornado and hurricane conditions in for example Mauritius, Seychelles, Mexico. If you are doing construction or an event in these territories, we can produce quick release shadenet tower wraps for you.

Shadenet tower wraps with your branding printed onto the shade cloth is an effective, economical and durable way to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Contact Printed Shadenet Solutions to find out more.

Date Posted: 2011-09-12
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building & construction,

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