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Event Branding With Printed Shadecloth


Printed Shadenet is offering great marketing opportunities for event branding with their printed shade cloth manufacturing. Companies, who hold events outdoors and wish to create brand awareness in places where a lot of people will be, need look no further than printed shade-netting which is inexpensive, highly effective at event branding and extremely durable.

Shade-netting has been used successfully at events around the world including, but not limited to, the Red Bull Big Wave Africa, the Cricket World Cup, the Nedbank Golf Challenge (which is just around the corner), the Comrades Ultra Marathon, the Dusi Canoe Race and most importantly the 2010 Fifa World Cup held in Africa for the very first time.

The reason shade-netting has become so popular for event branding (especially outdoor events) is because it is light weight and thus easy to erect and move, as well as highly customizable, so practically any colour is possible, making it perfect for any business. It is almost impossible to go to an outdoor or sporting event these days and not find some sort of branded shade cloth. Banisters and other rigid materials might be easy to print onto, but they are hard to maneuver and can only be rigged in places where they are not a danger to crowds.

Shade-netting is very popular with construction companies for all the same reasons and is generally used to demarcate perimeters with shade fencing, which makes practical sense because you are using free-space for advertising. Instead of spending big bucks on billboards, with a lot less capital you can bathe any location in your company’s colours and create brand awareness in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Billabong recently decided on a set standard for their event branding fences, using 1.4m high shade-net fencing for their Billabong Pro event in Jefferies Bay, erecting it down the beach with sleeves on stakes to form a wall of brand advertising which was impossible to miss. Printed Shadenet work with their clients to come up with unique specifications for individual jobs, or can create a blanket set of specs which then saves on manufacturing costs, therefore the shade-netting can be distributed easily around the country for any event branding needs.

Visit www.shadesolutions for more information and to order.

Date Posted: 2011-11-11
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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