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Construction Site Branding With Scaffolding Wraps


A great product for companies (especially construction companies, outdoor events and sports events companies) is scaffolding wraps, which can be covered in the colors and logo(s) of the company, to create brand awareness in the free space available at these events. The point of construction site branding is to generate business, and with Shadenet’s scaffolding wraps you have an easy and inexpensive way to make large adverts for your company, which can be moved with ease and stored for future use.

scaffolding wraps 

There are many advantages to using Shadenet’s tower wraps instead of the more traditional billboards or large, fixed signage. The first is price, which is of course very important. Billboards can cost tens of thousands of Rands and can only be displayed for a finite period of time; all depending on the contract. Scaffolding wraps on the other hand cost far less and can be used as long as the building project allows. They are also not confined to a single sport which can only be seen from certain angles, instead (as the name suggests) you can wrap your entire construction area - be it a tower, tall building or perimeter fence – in it.

This is perfect for the construction industry, which makes up a large portion of Shadenet’s clients. Companies like NMC Construction and Grinaker-LTA, as well as other construction industry titans use scaffolding wraps at their construction sites to great effect.

Most inner city buildings are tall and so scaffolding is needed for building, painting and repair work. All this scaffolding provides advertising area that is absolutely free, whereas the opposite is true of billboards. Apart from the financial advantages of using scaffolding wraps there is also an aesthetic quality that is a lot harder to measure, but can be just as effective at creating new business. Scaffolding wraps disguise the ugly skeleton that surrounds the building, giving it a clean, uniform and professional look.

For construction companies, or anyone who uses scaffolding in public places that want to take advantage free advertising space and create clean, easy-on-the-eye brand awareness with scaffolding wraps, got to the Shadenet website ( for more information, news and to order.

Date Posted: 2011-11-14
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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