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Screen Printing Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth


Screen printing onto shade cloth is a great way to create large banners for advertising and branding. Scaffolding, towers, construction site perimeter fences and many other structures can be wrapped in shade cloth with specific company branding using screen printing ink for printing on shade cloth. This can easily be done using Shadenet Ink’s screen printing ink for printing on shade cloth.

The ink is specially designed for HDPE shade cloth which is more durable than the conventional PVC and also holds the ink better, making the life of the design (i.e. when it starts to fade) match the longevity of the shade cloth it’s printed onto.

 screen pritning ink for printing on shade cloth  shade cloth 2  shade cloth 3

One of the great advantages of Shadenet Ink is that it can be applied with traditional screen printing techniques, so one doesn’t need a large amount of capital to start up, as well with a spray gun for bigger and more elaborate designs.

Another advantage to screen printing using Shadenet Ink is that you can choose how much ink you wish to use for your designed logo, unlike digital printing where the background and the design are both printed by the machine, using a lot more ink.

If you’ve ever been to a construction site or an outdoor sports event like the New York Marathon you will notice all the branded shade cloth.  With constant building and development going on around the world there is never a shortage of printed shade cloth needed, making it an ideal market for those who wish to go into marketing design.  The beauty of Shadenet Ink is, as mentioned before, that it can even be applied using simple screen printing methods, making it a perfect product for entrepreneurs looking for a niche market, but who want to start small and build.

If you wish to know more about screen printing ink for printing on shade cloth go to the Shadenet Ink website ( The website is filled with information about the product, all the latest Shadenet Ink news as well as contact details and examples of what can be done with screen printing ink for printing on shade cloth.

Date Posted: 2011-11-16
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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