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Affordable Shadecloth Suppliers in South Africa


Due to the heat and amount of sun Southern Africa receives, not only in summer but in winter as well, there is a large demand for shade cloth and affordable, reliable and fast-working shade cloth suppliers. Protecting property and human beings from the harmful rays of the sun is a billion dollar industry, which is why shade cloth is such a popular way of keeping the sun off the things we cherish the most. Printed Shadenet Solutions are one of South Africa's top shade cloth suppliers.

shadecloth suppliers

Printed Shadenet Solutions offer a wide range of specifications for shade cloth printing and branding; be it size, amount, colour or complexity of design. One of the the things that separates Printed Shadenet Solutions from the rest is that they print onto HDPE instead of the traditional PVC. HDPE is a stronger material and, with Printed Shadenet Solutions' specially designed ink, creates a branding solution that will cost less than printing onto PVC and also last longer.

HDPE was impossible to print onto for many years because, being petroleum based, it has an oily surface which common inks cannot adhere to. By designing a specially formulated ink, Printed Shadenet Solutions can now print directly onto any HDPE material. Combine this with an extremely wide range of pigment colours, Printed Shadenet can be made to suite just about every company's branding needs.

Shade cloth is generally used at construction sites in the form of scaffolding tower wraps, perimeter fences and as shade cover for workers; at sports events as speedfences and advertising flags; and at outdoor events as general branding flags and shade for spectators. The multiple uses of shade cloth make it the perfect way to use free advertising space to promote your company.

If you are interested in affordable shade cloth to help promote your company then look no further than the Printed Shadenet Solutions website ( for information, images, and contact and ordering details. Printed Shade Solutions shadecloth suppliers work nation-wide to provide affordable shade cloth that is long-lasting and designed to suit any company's branding needs.

Date Posted: 2012-01-17
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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