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Why use event banners? Companies or organizations that hold events will more often than not have a great need for publicity and advertising. Included in these are events sports events like rugby and cricket matches, running races, cycle races, motor sports events, fairs and fetes as well as theater shows and museums. By using event banners they can harness the power of free advertising space to create brand and event awareness.

 event banners

Because the people who go to specific events are people who are interested in that niche, it is easy to take advantage of their customers presence by advertising using big event banners which have a high visibility. And because events are temporary it is a smart idea to have advertising that can be erected easily, taken down quickly and then stored or moved to the next location. By being non-fixed, unlike billboards, event banners have much more versatility.

Printed Shadenet Solutions offer a wide range of event banner options to suite any company's needs. Printing onto HDPE cloth instead of the traditional PVC makes for a stronger material, which will not fade over time, as well as being cheaper. These two qualities set Printed Shadenet Solutions part from most of their competitors. Combine this with pigmentation that can be mixed to make almost any colour and you can satisfy all your event banner needs.

The reason PVC was used instead of HDPE is because HDPE shade cloth, being a petroleum byproduct, has an oily surface which makes it difficult for the ink to adhere to its surface. Printed Shadenet Solutions fixed this by creating a special ink which sticks to the HDPE cloth and forms a very strong bond. The ink also lasts as long as the cloth, which means no premature fading or cracking.

If you are looking to take advantage of event banners for your organization at outdoor events then visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website ( for more information, images and contact details. Printed Shadenet Solutions work all through South Africa and can suit your companies specific event banner needs.

Date Posted: 2012-01-24
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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