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Event Branding at the J&B Met


When you are surrounded by thousands of people, all in vibrant, sometimes shocking, colour it becomes difficult to stick out from the crowd. The J&B Met is frequented by a broad demographic of Cape Town’s population who generally have one thing in common: money. The who’s who of South Africa gets dressed to the nines to show themselves off to a public eager to consume. So what better place to advertise your company than at the heart of where it was all happening this past Saturday.

j&b met event branding

Many big companies advertised using shadenetting, which is a form of HDPE or PVC material that provides shade, but also a large surface on which to display your companies colours and logo. It was used not only so that clients and employees could find their own demarcated areas, but also to build brand awareness in a commercially vibrant area.

Printed Shadenet Solutions offer a wide range of shade cloth printing specifications that can be tailored to suit your business branding needs. The printed Shade cloth can be used at outdoor events like the Met, or sports events like rugby and cricket matches as well as on construction sites for perimeter fences and scaffolding tower wraps.

The possibilities with Printed Shadnet Solutions shade cloth are vast and when used creatively take advantage of free advertising space, and high visibility areas to provide branding solutions at an affordable price. Printed Shade Solutions use HDPE instead of the traditional PVC because it is stronger, doesn’t rot and is actually more affordable.

HDPE was impossible to print on to because it had an oily substrate that inks could not adhere to. Printed Shade Solutions fixed this problem by inventing a special ink that could stick to the surface of the material.

If you are interested in using Printed Shade Solutions shade cloth then check out the website ( for more information, images, news as well as contact and ordering information. If it worked as event branding at the J&B Met it can work at your events too.

Date Posted: 2012-01-31
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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