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Basil Read Construction Shadenet Branding

If you are looking to maximize your return on construction advertising why not try printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions. Basil Read chose construction shadenet branding as their printed shade cloth supplier, with superb results. Because construction companies are constantly under pressure to generate work in a weak financial climate, Basil Read knew they had to find an effective and creative way to leverage exposure from their construction sites with Basil Read construction shadenet branding.
Basil Read Construction Shadenet Branding

The Basil Read background blue shadenet is custom made to their fence height specifications for minimum runs (length of material). Printed Shadenet Solutions can also produce shade cloth for you in the standard blue 3m wide for smaller quantities. Construction companies like Basil Read are using shade cloth on site in order to create brand awareness through uniformity and highly visible advertising of their brand colours and logo.

Basil Read is an innovative construction company with a good reputation for quality which is why they opted for construction site shadenet branding; as a way to neaten up sites and project a professional image of their company in order to attract new customers. Companies such as Grinaker-LTA, WBHO, NMC and Murray & Roberts have employed the same strategy for what amounts to virtually free advertising on their construction sites, because you do not have to pay for advertising space, which is the most expensive part of the operation.

Grinaker-LTA take it a step further with their “Home Without Harm” and “Going Green” tag lines. They convey their business mission to their target market by practicing what they preach.  HDPE, which is the substance the shade cloth is made from is a petroleum by-product and can also be recycled.

If you are in construction management or marketing and looking for new ways to promote your company, contact Printed Shadenet Solutions to find out how you can achieve what Basil Read construction shadenet branding has achieved for them. Basil Read construction shadenet branding is a great example of what can be done for your construction company. On the website you will also find all the information, news, images and contact details you will need to get started branding your construction sites.

Date Posted: 2012-02-10
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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