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Shade Cloth Manufacturers


Known for a quality product that is affordable and designed specifically to suit your needs, Printed Shadenet Solutions shade cloth manufacturers provide the perfect outdoor and construction site branding solution. Shade cloth is one of the most popular forms of outdoor event, sports event and construction site advertising for a number of reasons and finding the right shade cloth manufacturers is paramount for finding inexpensive and durable shade cloth.

shade cloth manufacturers

With the invention of large scale digital printing machines it is now possible to create designs digitally, meaning advanced detail and the ability to replicate designs verbatim. Another great advantage is that designs can be sent instantly from one part of the country to another, depending on where your designers and your printer are.

Printed Shadenet Solutions produce a high quality HDPE shade cloth which is made from a petroleum by-product and is also level 2 recyclable; so it’s great for all the green-conscious companies out there – great news for a material that is used outside 99% of the time.

Instead of using the more prevalent PVC shade cloth, Printed Shadenet Solutions use HDPE, because it’s stronger, lasts longer in inclement weather and is also more affordable. The reason most companies cannot use HDPE shade cloth is because they do not have the specially designed ink that Printed Shadenet Solutions do, and so they are stuck using the more expensive PVC shade cloth and lower quality inks.

Shade cloth is used for a variety of branding products:

•    Car ports
•    Shade ports
•    Scaffolding tower wraps – to cover unsightly scaffolding on construction sites
•    Speed fences – to keep spectators away from certain areas at sports events
•    Perimeter fences – to keep people out of dangerous construction sites
•    Logo flags
•    And much more

If you are looking for shade cloth manufacturers then look no further than Printed Shadenet Solutions. For more information visit their website, where you will find all the latest news, information, images and contact details. Email Printed Shadenet Solutions and start marketing your company in the places where people cant help but see it.

Date Posted: 2012-02-29
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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