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Shadenet Scaffolding wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions


If you work in construction the chances are you will be using a lot of scaffolding. And as important as scaffolding is for you to get the job done, they do not paint a pretty picture for passersby. Shadenet Scaffolding wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions are a great way to not only hide your unsightly scaffolding, but they also give you a perfect platform to enhance your brand by printing your company logo onto the material.

scaffolding wraps

Construction sites are generally in high visibility areas, with a lot of car and pedestrian traffic. If all these people see your shade cloth advertising on a daily basis, the chances are that they will remember your company name. Everyone who sees the shadenet scaffolding wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions might not need your services, but because of the number of people seeing it, eventually someone will. If these people need a construction company they will remember how neat and uniform your construction site looked and probably use you.

Printed Shadenet Solutions make their shade cloth scaffolding wraps out of a material called HDPE, or High-density Polyethylene, which is a really tough mesh that comes from a petroleum by-product. It is tougher than PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, and will not tear, rot or fade – it is also cheaper than PVC. The durability of the product is perfect for something that will be used multiple times and in an outdoor environment. Storing it is a pleasure because it folds easily and does not crack or rip.

HDPE is not used by most shadenet suppliers as it was thought to be impossible to print onto because of its oily surface. Printed Shadenet Solutions found a special ink which does adhere to the material, setting Printed Shadenet Solutions apart from its competitors. A result of HDPE being cheaper than PVC is that the cost per square meterage, when compared to other shadenet suppliers who do not use it, is lower – making them the perfect solution for large construction sites.

If your construction site needs shadenet scaffolding wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions, visit their website to find out more. The easy-to-navigate site contains all the information, latest news, images and contact details you will need to get started with your very own shadenet scaffolding wraps from Printed Shadenet Solutions.

Date Posted: 2012-04-11
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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