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The many uses of printed shade cloth


Shade cloth is not just about building tarps to lie under; the printed shade cloth industry provide a wide range of products to many different companies, all looking for a cost-effective way to build their brand’s image to an audience of the right people.

The many uses of printed shade cloth include sports event branding, outdoor event branding and construction side branding. But within these spheres or locations there are many different types of printed shade cloth which can be used to maximize exposure by utilizing the correct size and format for the job at hand.

many uses of printed shade cloth
The most popular forms of printed shade cloth for sports events is speedfencing. For those who are unfamiliar with the term speedfences are the barriers that line the course of say a marathon or bicycle race in order to keep spectators away from participants. Long swatches of printed shade cloth can be attached to these barriers and because the action always happens between them television coverage is guaranteed. Placing your company’s logo on a speedfence allows for maximum exposure at sports events like the 2 Oceans or comrades marathons.

Outdoor events are common place in South Africa because of our warm and sunny climate. Advertising at outdoor event sis very popular and having a semi-fixed solution means your shade cloth can be erected easily, taken down quickly and stored or moved without hassle; making it a viable option for multiple outdoor events. Unlike billboards which cannot be moved, shade cloth is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, so you can position in a place that the most people at an event will see it.

Last of the many uses of printed shade cloth is how perfect it is for construction site branding. Scaffolding towers, shade ports, car ports and perimeter fences can all be covered in printed shade cloth, making the site look neat and uniform as well as exposing your brands image to high amounts of traffic and passerby.

If you have need for one of the many uses of printed shade cloth visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will find information, latest news and prior project images to give you better understanding of how useful shade cloth advertising is. There are also contact details so you can organize a one-on-one consultation to see which product suits your needs best.

Date Posted: 2012-04-20
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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