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Shade Cloth Advertising


Shade cloth advertising is a simple yet effective way to increase brand awareness and advertise to a large audience. By using shade close to advertise your company's name, logo, colours and slogan, you build up a positive brand image for your company which will hopefully lead to an increase in clients and sales.

Most of the big companies like Coca-Cola and Apple spend billions of dollars every year on branding, because they understand the importance brand recognition has with consumers. If a buyer is tasked with choosing between two products of a similar price they will 9 times out of 10 go for the one they know. Familiarity breeds trust and by getting your name out there, using cost effective shade cloth advertising, you give your company a better chance of being chosen in those situations.

 shade cloth advertising

A very popular place to see shade cloth advertising used is on construction sites. Firstly because most building sites require shade cloth to provide shade, but also because they use it wrap their (not very aesthetically pleasing) scaffolding, shade ports, car  ports and perimeter fences in the material, to neaten up the site and give it a professional and uniform look. Industry leaders like Grinaker-LTA, Haw & Inglis and WBHO have all used Printed Shadenet Solutions as their printed shade cloth supplier on construction sites around the country.

Printed Shadenet Solutions use an HDPE (high density polyethylene) material shade cloth instead of the more popular PVC, because it is stronger, does not rot, tear or fade and is also in fact cheaper than PVC. The reason PVC is used by most shade cloth suppliers is because HDPE is very difficult to print onto as it has an oily surface. Prtinted Shadenet Solutions use a specifically designed ink to combat this problem, making them one of the few shade cloth suppliers who can use HDPE shade cloth, resulting in your shade cloth advertising being cheaper.

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website and find out more about the wonderful opportunities of shade cloth advertising. You will find the latest news, information, pictures and also order and contact details.

Date Posted: 2012-05-09
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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