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Shade Cloth Printing for Advertising


Shade cloth printing for advertising is an increasingly popular way for companies to expose their brand to a large audience without spending massive amounts of money. Unlike billboards, printed shade cloth for advertising is inexpensive and is also reusable.

Billboards are stuck in one place and you have to first get an advert designed, then printed and then you eventually have to rent advertising space. With printed shade cloth you choose the colour and design (usually your company logo) and once it's printed it can be easily erected at outdoor events, corporate events, sports events and also on construction sites. Minimal scaffolding is needed to put up printed shade cloth, making it a versatile and inexpensive way to build brand awareness.

Shade Cloth Printing for Advertising
Printed Shadenet Solutions are a company who specialize in shade cloth printing for advertising, having worked with major construction companies like WHBO, Grinaker-LTA and Haw & Inglis, as well as having done work for the Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010. They use a special material called HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is durable and perfect for outdoor use as it can withstand heavy winds, hot sun and does not rot, tear or fade.

Printed Shadenet Solutions differ from most South African shade cloth suppliers as they choose to use HDPE instead of the more popular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) because it is stronger and cheaper to produce, saving the customers money in the process. The reason most companies do not use HDPE is because they can't. HDPE has an oily surface because it is a petroleum by-product, but Printed Shadenet Solutions have solved this problem with a specially formulated ink that is not available to most shade cloth suppliers, meaning that they can bring you a stronger product for a better price.

If you are looking to use shade cloth printing for advertising to build your brand then check out the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will find all the latest news, useful information, pictures of previous jobs, as well as contact and ordering information.

Date Posted: 2012-05-11
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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