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Cost-effective marketing after the recession with shade cloth

With the global recession finally starting to lift (some economists are not too sure it is actually happening) and companies have money to spend on advertising again, many corporates are going for a more cost-effective style of brand building in order to maximise the return on investment of their reduced budgets. Printed shade sloth is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to brand building because it is versatile, durable, easily transportable as well as highly reusable.

Printed shade cloth is generally made from either PVC (polyvinyl chloride)or HDPE (high density polyethylene) material, which are meshed together to make a breathable fabric that can be printed on and run for great lengths. You have probably seen a lot of shade cloth, without actually realising it was there or that it was a very popular brand building solution.

Shade cloth is made to withstand searing midday heat as well as the cold of the rain and wind in heavy winters. Because it is made from a mesh wind can pass through the tiny holes, making it less likely to trap air current and detach from its moorings. HDPE does not rot and the ink can last many years without fading, which is vital for advertising longevity under a hot African sun. shade cloth

Shade cloth is generally used at outdoor events, sports event (like the Fifa Football World Cup) and on construction sites, where it is used for shade ports, car ports, scaffolding wraps and for covering perimeter fences. Its durability as well as its re-usability makes it perfect for outdoor events, especially as events usually only take place over a day or two. Shade cloth can be taken down, rolled up and stored for future use, without the fear of it tearing or cracking.

Printed Shade Solutions have some awesome shade cloth products that are great for Cost-effective marketing after the recession. Visit their site for more information, images, latest shade cloth news as well as contact and ordering details.

Date Posted: 2012-06-06
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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