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Basil Read construction shadenet branding


When looking to get the most return on your construction advertising budget try printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions, as a cost-effective alternative to more traditional modes of advertising. Construction Company Basil Read chose construction shadenet branding for their construction site branding solutions, with outstanding results. In the heavily competitive industry of building, companies are constantly under pressure to expand their client base, especially after a large economic down-turn like the recent recession; Basil Read knew they had to find a new and creative, yet still effective way to maximize exposure from their construction sites with Basil Read construction shadenet branding.

basil read construction shadenet branding
The Basil Read background blue shadenet, as can be seen in the image that accompanies this press release, is custom designed and made to their preferred fence height specifications. Printed Shadenet Solutions also produce shadenet in the standard blue 3m wide for small and large quantities. Using shade cloth create a neatness and uniform look for construction sites of all sizes and the durability of shade cloth means it can be re-used at the next job.

Printed Shadenet Solutions created their shade cloth from a material that is not so common in the local shade cloth industry, HDPE (or high density polyethylene). The reason they use HDPE, and not PVC (polyvinyl chloride) like most other shade cloth companies, is that HDPE is stronger, lasts longer, does not rot when it gets wet or is left in damp places for a period of time and is also in fact cheaper than PVC.

So why don't all shade cloth companies use HDPE? The reason is that HDPE is very difficult to print onto because is has an oily surface which makes it almost impossible for inks and dyes to adhere to its surface. Printed Shadenet Solutions circumvented this problem with a specially formulated ink. HDPE is also a level-2 recyclable product, and is a petroleum by-product; making it one of the greenest industrial products on the market.

If you would like a similar product to Basil Read construction shadenet branding for your company or building site, visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will find all the news, information, images and contact details you will need to get going in the world of cost-effective branding.

Date Posted: 2012-06-27
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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