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Coca Cola Shade Cloth Branding Solutions


Coca Cola shade cloth branding is a perfect example of how a big company can use shade cloth by Printed Shadenet Solutions as an easy and cost-effective way to create brand awareness at outdoor, corporate or sporting events. Massive companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft and Apple have realized the huge importance of creating brand awareness in order to maximize sales of your product or service. Coca Cola shade cloth branding is just one of many jobs completed by Printed Shadenet Solutions for companies looking to increase their market exposure

Conventional shade cloth (also known as shadenet) is made from a PVC mesh material, but Printed Shadenet Solutions use HDPE (high density polyethylene) shade cloth, which is less expensive as well as more durable. And as most shade cloth branding is for outdoor use and in contact a range of weather conditions (from searing heat to icy cold rain and wind), shade cloth which lasts longer is, quite obviously, always going to be the more sound business investment.

Coca Cola Shade Cloth Branding The reason that PVC is traditionally used for shade cloth is that HDPE is extremely oily, and thus difficult to print on, but Printed Shade Solutions use a special pigmented dye which adheres to the surface of the cloth, meaning that they can produce better quality shadenet for a cheaper price. Printed Shadenet Solutions have also expanded their pigment range to include almost any colour you could possibly need for your company's logo and branding

Shade cloth is not exclusively used for events marketing, but is also very popular in the construction industry as well. It is used predominately as a way to cover the unappealing appearance of fencing and scaffolding, as well as to provide shade for workers and assets, like construction vehicles. Because of shadenet’s durability and ease of use, it can be affixed to many different surfaces or facades, which makes it a more versatile and therefore inexpensive branding solution than billboards; which can only be placed in a single, predefined position. Not only can shade cloth be moved to wherever you need it to be displayed, it can also be removed effortlessly and quickly stored for later use.

If you are impressed by the Coca Cola shade cloth branding and want a similar product for your company's advertising go to the Printed Shadenet Solutions website (, where you will find the latest news, product information as well as many images/examples of previous work (including the work done for Coca Cola shade cloth branding). You can contact Printed Shadenet Solutions and order from the website.

Date Posted: 2012-07-04
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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