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Coca Cola event branding at Newlands Cricket Stadium


Outdoor branding is a crucial, but sometimes underutilized, element of so many companies' advertising strategy.  Coca Cola event branding at Newlands Cricket Ground is a perfect example of how outdoor branding can be used to expose a brand to millions of spectators around the world via the television medium.  The Coca Cola shade cloth branding present at Newlands Cricket Ground is not only a functional piece of material, but an effective advertising solution as well.

Shade cloth branding can also be deployed in other ways that don't necessarily mean it provides any shade. The material has multiple applications, one of which is perimeter fencing at sporting events or on construction sites - this can be on a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary basis.  As with the Coca Cola shade cloth branding which was created specifically for Newlands Cricket Ground, shade cloth can be made to fit the colour, size and density of your company's needs.

coca cola branding at newlands cricket ground

Understanding what you want to achieve with your shade cloth branding and knowing where you will be displaying it, will dictate the size and colour of your printed design. If you are advertising for television you need to know how far away the cameras will be, and if you are displaying in a small area, what size text is readable and what colours won't irritate your audience.

Printed Shadenet Solutions consult on these kinds of questions and provide shade cloth solutions that will suite whatever branding needs you have. With so much experience in the local shade cloth market, they are perfectly positioned to give you great advice and deliver products of the highest quality.

Printed Shadenet Solutions make their shade cloth (also known as shade net in the industry) out of an extremely durable material, which is a by-product of petroleum, called HDPE (high density polyethylene). Traditionally PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is used for shade cloth, but it is not as strong and is also more expensive than HDPE.

The reason most shade cloth suppliers use PVC instead of the cheaper but more durable HDPE is that HDPE is very difficult to print onto, making it useless for advertising.  Printed Shadenet Solutions, as their name suggests, came up with a solution to this problem in the form of a special ink that can adhere to the oily surface of the cloth; making their shade cloth a more cost-effective branding tool than most other shade cloth suppliers.

If you are impressed by the Coca Cola event branding at Newlands Cricket Stadium then visit the website or contact them via email. The website is filled with the latest information, pictures of past projects as well as news and contact details.

Date Posted: 2012-07-10
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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