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Construction shade cloth for Grinaker-LTA


Grinaker-LTA who is a member of the Aveng Group, is just one of many large construction companies who have realised the effectiveness of construction site branding using construction shadenet.  Their building sites in Durban and other parts of KZN are looking neat and uniform and subsequently taken the Grinaker-LTA brand is taking the region by storm when it comes to marketing, firmly cementing their brand as one of the leaders in construction in South Africa and Africa.

Other regions where Grinaker-LTA are doing business are now following suit and using the progressive and cost-effective printed shadenet products to advertise and market their brand. Because of the intense rivalry of the building sector, many construction companies are cottoning on to the effectiveness of shadenet marketing and doing just what Grinaker-LTA did in KZN, in order to increase brand exposure and get more clients.

Grinaker_LTA The “Home Without Harm” and “Going Green” bylines on fencing around their construction sites countrywide is a simple, yet effective way of reinforcing and entrenching the Grinaker-LTA brand with their target market nationally and internationally.  The nature of printed shadenet (or shade cloth) marketing means that you can position it in optimal traffic areas and are not restricted like billboards which can only face a certain way or be a certain size; when it comes to outdoor advertising, the flexibility of shadenet is what makes it the perfect solution for almost any branding need.

Printed Shadenet Solutions provide quality and cost-effective solutions when it comes to shade cloth and printed shade cloth. And their experience in the industry means they are the prefect people to help you customise your shade cloth branding products, so that you get the most effective marketing tool you possibly can for outdoor use. Visit their website for more information, latest news, contact details as well as images and examples of previous work. Construction shadenet printing for Grinaker-LTA was a success for them, so why not let shade cloth marketing be a success for your business.

Date Posted: 2012-07-18
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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