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Printed Shadenet Solutions Coca Cola Shade cloth branding

Marketing and brand building is as important for small companies as it is for large corporations - even those who have been around for over a century. While some of the details may be slightly different, the fundamentals of advertising hold for all types, shapes and sizes of company. Printed Shadenet Solutions' Coca Cola Shade cloth branding is a great example of how a large company like Coca Cola, arguably the most recognized brand on the planet, still uses a low-tech means of communication. Coca Cola Shade cloth branding can be seen at many local and global outdoor events.

So if Coca Cola is doing it, why can’t you be applying this strategy to your marketing and brand building? If you think it is expensive you are seriously mistaken, as printed shade cloth is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with consumers for many reasons, none more so than it re-usability. Unlike billboards which have a fixed shelf life, as you pay to rent the space, shade cloth can be used again and again at any outdoor event you wish to advertise at.coca cola shade cloth branding

In order for shade cloth to be reusable, it has to be very durable, and that's why Printed Shadenet Solutions make their cloth out of a petroleum by-product called High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. This recyclable material is very rugged, water-proof and rot-resistant. It is also easy to erect, disassemble, store and transport. The mulch-purpose functionality of shade cloth makes it perfect for so many different outdoor activities like sports and corporate events and it is also very popular in the construction industry.

If you are interested in branding solutions similar to Printed Shadenet Solutions Coca Cola Shade cloth branding, then visit their website to find out more. The site is packed with the latest Shadenet news, information, images of previous jobs, as well as contact details. Printed Shadenet Solutions will work with you to create customized advertising that will suit your specific needs, and they deliver anywhere in South Africa!

Date Posted: 2012-07-22
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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