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Scaffolding Wraps for Brand Exposure

Advertising your brand at outdoor events, corporate events or on construction sites is easy with printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions. The height of scaffolding towers makes sure visibility is easy,guaranteeing that sponsor brands are seen by spectators at the event and by viewers watching on television.

The best placement for scaffolding wraps are generally at the start and finish of races like the two Oceans Marathon, Comrades marathon or the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, where there is the highest concentration of spectators as well as being the place where the most time is spent, giving your brand maximum exposure at the event.

The Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour makes excellent use of scaffolding wraps at the start and finish, where many thousands of bike riders, family and general spectators gather. Tthey are also dotted at strategic viewing areas along the course. Basically any high traffic zone is a good place to advertise your business with printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions. The majority of television coverage also happens at the beginning and end of a race, so placing your banners in prime locations is imperative to making your branding exercise worth it.
scaffolding wraps

Because your branding is going to be displayed outdoors it needs to be durable, long-lasting and the ink needs to be of a high quality in order for it not to fade or crack. The longer your printed shade cloth lasts, the more times you can use it and the more cost-effective it becomes. HDPE shade cloth is thus the perfect material for any outdoor advertising, being a by-product of petroleum and recyclable, HDPE cloth holds up in inclement weather at both ends of the spectrum - from searing heat to icy cold.

Shade cloth is also very easy to rig, it's super flexible and special density design allows air to pass through so that wind does not rip or tear the material.

If you are looking for scaffolding wraps or any other type of shade cloth, printed or otherwise, visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website.  Their long-term experience in the field makes them the perfect consultant and suppliers for all your printed shade cloth needs.

Date Posted: 2012-07-27
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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