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Scaffolding Wraps for Construction Site Branding

Construction companies of all sizes have a perfect opportunity to grow brand awareness amongst their potential customers, as well as portray a professional image using printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions. With so much spent on advertising every year, making the best use of whatever budget you have is imperative and shade cloth is a really cost-effective solution due to its re-usability - which is why you see it on so many building sites.

Branding your company's vehicles, machinery, equipment and scaffolding with your distinct and recognizable logo gives your company brand a presence at job sites and extends as far as it is visible to both traffic and pedestrians. Establishing a strong local, regional and even national brand identity with a uniform vehicle logo and color scheme makes your sites and thus stand out from the competition. Printed shade cloth wrapped around scaffolding towers will be the most visible advertising possible and simultaneously create shade and wind protection for workers.Scaffolding wraps for construction site branding

Made from a high quality HDPE material, printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions offers a product that is impervious to rot and if the correct density is created it will hold up in very windy conditions. The other important characteristic of HDPE shade cloth is its UV resistance, shielding your workers from cancer-causing harmful rays.

The range of designs and colours are almost limitless when it comes to HDPE shade cloth printing and with so much pioneering experience in the field, the Cape Town-based Printed Shadenet Solutions are primed to offer some of the best outdoor branding advice.

If you would like to see examples of scaffolding wraps for construction site branding then visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will also get the latest information, shade cloth press releases, contact information and the latest outdoor shadenet branding news.

Date Posted: 2012-09-04
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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