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Construction Shadenet for Grinaker-LTA


Construction site branding is a great way to use free advertising space and kill two birds with one stone. Having shade cloth is almost a prerequisite for construction sites these days, so you may as well use that space to grow your brand and exposure your company to as many people as possible. Companies like Grinaker-LTA and Haw & Inglis have been using printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions on their sites and it seems to work wonders.

Research has shown that outdoor advertising is very cost effective (most return on investment when comparing cost to sales conversion rates) and with billboards starting at around R35,000, Printed shade cloth is a much cheaper option. It is very important for staff and customers alike, to see a professionally wrapped site, as it gives off an image of professionalism and neatness - characteristics that allow a trusting relationship to be build between producer and consumer.

construction shadenet for Grinaker_LTAGrinaker-LTA is a leading construction company and, like Haw & Inglis, they take pride in their sites, which is why they decided to go with Printed Shadenet Solutions for their perimeter fences and scaffolding wraps; a uniform construction site has a clean and welcoming feel to it. Taking pride in your presentation is the most basic and fundamental element of branding.

Printed shadenet fence panels are ideal for Grinaker-LTA construction shadenet branding and are an easy purchasing decision within reach of the site budgets.  Printed Shadenet Solutions makes Grinaker-LTA construction shadenet branding easy, affordable and effective. Shadenet is easily erected on standard temporary construction fencing using cable ties or wire.

The shadenet supplied for Grinaker-LTA construction shadenet branding is durable, flexible and can withstand extreme weather conditions.  So if you want to dress up your construction site using standard, effective and cost-effective branding, then contact Printed Shadenet Solutions now. 

Date Posted: 2012-09-18
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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