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Using Shadenet for Brand Exposure

Most people think shade cloth (or shadenet) is a standard type of black or green material that is found on construction sites, yet the amount of printed shade cloth that is used for outdoor advertising and increasing brand exposure is a massive industry. The cost-effective nature of printed shade cloth, as well as its re-usability, make it the perfect solution for any size company looking for outdoor brand exposure; whether this be for a new business, new product or to increase sales at the beginning of a new season or year.

South African construction companies like Grinaker-LTA and Haw & Inglis have been using printed shade cloth manufactured by Printed Shadenet Solutions for years, and have seen the fruits of their labour. shadenet

As a result of inclement weather conditions, outdoor advertise structures require the use of durable substrates and printing that will not crack or fade, to ensure that brand sponsors get consistently good brand coverage.

Golf, motocross, marathons, F1, mountain bike events, cycling events, beach and outdoor concert  events often experience high winds and rain in winter month and scorching heat in summer. The only material that is designed for and completely handles bad weather is shade cloth or shadenet - and it comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and density, making it a very flexible product.

A loose weave of for example an 80% shade cloth is very affordable and is quite transparent as well as lets a good deal of wind through, making it suitable for scaffolding, scaffolding tower wraps and construction site perimeter fences in high wind areas. Knowing which density you will need to suit your environment is what Printed Shadenet Solutions are for; their experience in the business makes them the perfect judges of the correct product for your needs.

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website and check out their past jobs, latest news and get contact details to start cost-effective branding for your company now.

Date Posted: 2012-09-26
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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