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Outdoor Event Branding with shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions

Generally outdoor event branding, as a result of inclement weather conditions, requires the use of durable materials or canvases, and quality printing to ensure that brand sponsors get consistent brand coverage - matter the occasion. Golf, motocross, marathons, F1, mountain bike events, cycling events, beach volleyball and even concert outdoor events often experience high force winds and cold, strong rain. The only substrate which is specifically designed for and completely handles this wide range of bad weather is printed shade cloth.

Printed Shadenet Solutions make their shade cloth out of a knitted HDPE (high density polyethylene) substance, that is specifically designed for outdoor use.  It can be erected easily using just cable ties and is perfect  for temporary branding at events on things like fences and scaffolding towers. Printed Shadenet Solutions manufactures 1.8m fence height shadenet with sewn eyelets top and bottom for instant rigging and striking, and it is one of their most popular products because of its durability and cost-effectiveness with regards to marketing budgets. shadenet

Shade cloth for outdoor event branding comes in a wide range of colours and densities and can be printed with the repeat corporate logo of your company.  It is particularly cheap to cover large areas with printed shade cloth as shadecloth comes in background colours which don't need to be printed, but carry the unique theme of the corporate sponsor throughout the event. Unlike billboards, they can also be used multiple times - even on the same day. Wherever you can find space to put them up, they can become a quality form of advertising for your brand.

Facades of scaffolding can be covered and decorated in sponsor branding on shade cloth at the outdoor event, creating maximum impact for the brand at minimal cost.  Big event brands like Billabong, Vodacom and many others are using and re-using printed shade cloth for their outdoor event branding.  so get with it and get hold of us to improve your outdoor event branding using shade cloth. Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website for more information and examples of their work.

Date Posted: 2012-10-29
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building & construction,

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