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Strengthen Your Brand Image with Printed Shadenet Solutions


Brands have become a massive part of our lives - so big that we give them a sort of personality. You hear people talk about the Mac laptops as if they were a child of theirs, fiercely loyal to a single brand within a market. The trick of marketing and branding your company is to get yourself to that stage popularity by building trust with your market. One of the most fundamental ways too build this trust is by exposing your brand identity to consumers in the right places as often as possible. A great cost-effective way to do this is by using printed shadenet for branding.

Printed shadenet for branding takes advantage of free advertising space on shade cloth, which can be found at sports events, corporate events and on construction sites. With all this shade cloth shading people from the sun, one can guarantee that your logo and brand will be visible. Cricket matches can have up to 40 000 spectators in South Africa (and even more in countries like India and Australia) and construction sites are often on busy roads, meaning you get maximum exposure for very little expenditure.shadenet branding

Unlike billboards where there is a set rate for advertising, shade cloth advertising is much less formal industry and 'renting' space can often be quite cheap. Add to this the possibility of reusing your logo material on numerous occasions over many years, and you have an extremely cost effective branding solution.

Printed Shadenet Solutions produce a wide range of customizable shade cloth, perfect for any branding situation. They have more than a decade of experience working with large construction companies and even made signage for the Fifa World Cup 2010, that was held here in South Africa. I you are looking for a quality printed shade cloth supplier, look no further than Printed Shadenet Solutions – visit the website for contact and order information as well as extra info on using shade cloth to strengthen your brand image.

Date Posted: 2012-11-15
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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