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Shadenet Branding Specifications 2013


Shadenet is the more common term for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) knitted substrate that is used at outdoor events, corporate events, construction sites, buildings and for scaffolding. It is also used in these areas but simultaneously in the branding industry. Shadenet technical specifications are useful for engineers and quantity surveyors specifying it as part of a tender or purchase contract for construction work, which is why they are such a good medium for branding.

Specifications for shadenet are easy to set and can be reproduced for countless lengths of cloth, suitable for any size job. Knitted HDPE shadenet specifications are generally set as colour, density, height, and whether they come with or without sewn eyelets.  Certain shadenet is kept in stock for example  Cape Town-based Printed Shadenet Solutions have 1.8m high black and green with eyelets top and bottom in stock, making it a very cost effective standard your company can use. shadenet branding specifications

A number of other colours can be used for the 3 meter standard width, but don't have eyelets if they are needed for rigging. When it comes to density, the shadenet can be chosen based on the required application.  For situations requiring opacity, a more dense knit is needed, like 92%, this gives it more strength and you can't see through it.  A dense knit also produces a higher quality print because the holes are smaller and less ink is wasted.

With the denser cloth there is more wind resistance which is a good thing for keeping the wind out, but on the other hand the structure needs to be strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions - meaning if it’s going to be windy and you don’t need to keep wind out then go for a less dense shadenet, allowing air to pass more freely through it, eliminating the chance of structures being blown over.

Printed Shadenet Solutions shadenet is supplied in 50m rolls 1.5m in height if it is 3m wide (i.e. folded in half) and 50m rolls 1.8m wide if it is the 1.8m fence height. Printed Shadenet Solutions deliver to all locations in South Africa, and you can do all your ordering online - plus expert advice on shadenet branding solutions.To visit the website click here.

Date Posted: 2013-01-16
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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