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Shadenet Printing is Perfect for Outdoor Advertising


Building brand exposure can be easy if you have the right tools and the right attitude. Using alternative forms of advertising like printed shadenet is a cost-effective way to increase sales and consumer engagement. Most people do not know that (physical) outdoor advertising has a better return on investment than television and radio advertising. Client who frequent places that have your branding tend form a more trusting relationship the the brand and so are more likely to purchase your products instead of your competitors.

Printed shadenet is popular in many diverse industries, including: construction industry, sports industry (think marathons and sports stadia), outdoor events industry, corporate events industry, the agriculture industry and many more. The durability and longevity of printed shadenet make it the perfect cost effective branding solution, no matter the size of your business.Shadenet Printing is Perfect for Outdoor Advertising

Shadenet printing is perfect for speedbranding and speedfencing. Speedfences are a convenient way of deploying event branding for event branding companies at things like cycle races, marathons and other road racing spectacles. Shade cloth event banners can be very useful for easy rigging and deployment if the event is fragmented. It is important to choose Shadenet specifications to suit the application.

Printed Shadenet Solutions are custom shadenet suppliers as well as standard shade cloth suppliers and provide shadenet printing for construction or shade cloth printing for the advertising and event industry. Shadecloth manufacturers produce construction shade cloth for optimal use on construction sites and for construction branding. 

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website for contact details, and with more than a decade experience in the outdoor advertising business they will be able to find the perfect specifications for your needs. Also on the site is extra information about the HDPE product they use as well as images, order details and latest press releases.

Date Posted: 2013-02-06
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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