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Building Your Brand with Printed Shadenet


How important is to consciously and strategically build your company brand? By looking at those who do it well, one would surmise that it is very important, and looking at those who didn’t - well we don’t see them around, do we? Branding is the name, symbol, sign, design or any combination of the above, and it is used for consumers to identify your goods and services and differentiate them from your competitors. Basically, branding is the visual voice of your company.

In order to build a strong brand you must first determine what your company is trying to convey and to whom you're trying to convey it. What is the feeling you want you consumers to feel when identifying with your product or service? Is it a lifestyle perhaps, an emotion, or a status they wish to achieve. The key is to check everything against the message of the brand. Asking these question will better inform your branding decisions.Building Your Brand with Printed Shadenet

A great channel for brand building is advertising, and specifically shade cloth branding. Shadecloth (or shadenet) branding has been around for awhile now, but is usually only used by large construction, sports or events companies. This is surprising as it is a very cost effective way to advertise your company and build a positive brand image within the correct consumer group. The portable nature of shade cloth means you can put it in the place that will get the most exposure, and it can be done at multiple events over a long period of time.

The durability of shade cloth is owed to how it is constructed. Printed Shadenet Solutions, a Cape Town based branded shade cloth supplier, make theirs  out of a substrate called HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is durable and does not rot in wet weather. With outdoor advertising being exposed to harsh weather, having a durable long-lasting solutions is a must have.

To find out more about branding with printed shade cloth then visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website, where you will find all the latest shade cloth news, press releases, images of previous projects as well as contact and order information.

Date Posted: 2013-02-12
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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