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Printed Shadenet Branding for Construction Sites


Using printed shadenet for effective brand exposure on construction sites and other outdoor spaces is easy and very cost-effective. Large construction companies, well known throughout South Africa have been using printed shade cloth as a branding and site beautification tool for many years. The reason? It works well, is easy to use,and is much cheaper than many other forms of advertising. Companies like Printed Shadenet Solutions, who have been in the industry for many years, can produce great branding results for an extremely cost-effective price - especially when compared to traditional media like television and radio.

Brand essence can be developed by associating a brand with brands in other categories that share a common goal. It can also be strengthened by associating with locations, events and lifestyles that fit with the product and consumers you are trying to target. Thinking about where to display your branding and get exposure is he most fundamental aspect of outdoor branding. Using high quality shade cloth, your branding will last for years, and so can be used at many different locations or events.

Printed Shadenet for Construction Sites

Printed shadenet comes in a variety of densities, the choice of which will depend on the environment in which you will be displaying your branding. In high wind areas it is better to have a lower density mesh, meaning that air can pass through better, and your cloth will not break away from its moorings. In calmer weather operations or indoors, a higher density is preferred because it gives you a stronger image - especially when you want your logo to be vibrant in a busy room.

To learn more about using construction site branding materials like printed shade cloth for your business marketing, visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website. They have great examples of previous work, latest press releases, extra printed shade cloth information, as well as contact and order details.

Date Posted: 2013-04-09
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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