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Streamline your Marketing Efforts with Printed Shade Cloth


Companies, big and small, are looking to streamline their marketing efforts and maintain only their most cost-effective advertising strategies. With many businesses moving from traditional media to an online one, industries like printed shade cloth remain as affordable and effective as possible. One of the great aspects of printed shade cloth marketing is that it can also used digitally and in social media,a s well as on television - a single item that gives you a multi-format product.

The importance of having a strong brand can not be stressed enough and understanding your audience and where they go will maximise the the attributes of branded shade cloth advertising efforts.

The follow tips will help you to increase brand strength:

  • Start Soundly by Forming a Brand

  • Locate the Niche Players

  • Use the Tools Social Media Provides

  • Give Quality First Impressions

Setting specifications for shadenet is really easy and can be reproduced for countless lengths of cloth, increasingly saving you money as you order more. Knitted HDPE (high density polyethylene) shadenet specs generally come down to colour, density, height, and whether they come with or without sewn eyelets.  Certain shadenet is kept in stock. For example Printed Shadenet Solutions have 1.8m high black and green with eyelets top and bottom in stock, making it a very cost effective standard your company can use as this colour and size is extremely popular (because of its versatility and natural feel).  Streamline your Marketing Efforts with Printed Shade Cloth

A number of other colours can be used for the 3 meter standard width, but don't have eyelets if they are needed for rigging. When it comes to density, the shadenet can be chosen based on the required application.  For situations requiring opacity, a more dense knit is needed, like 92%, this gives it more strength and you can't see through it.  A dense knit also produces a higher quality print because the holes are smaller and less ink is wasted.

If you want to streamline your marketing efforts with printed shade cloth then visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will find the latest shadenet press releases, printed shadnet advertising information, a wide range of examples of previous work , as well as contact and order details.

Date Posted: 2013-04-12
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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