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South African Printed Shadenet Suppliers


Printed Shadenet Solutions supplies quality products at a competitive price, bringing branding power down to a more affordable level for small to medium enterprises looking to breakout in 2013. Outdoor, physical branding is an often overlooked form of brand communication, but with shade cloth being used more and more in both summer and winter, there is a great opportunity to connect with your target audience and build a stronger brand through visual presence and prudently placed advertising. 

In South Africa, as infrastructure is enhanced, we are entering an age of mobility we have not experienced before. The amount of time we spend outside the home will increase by around 30% by 2020. And so with such a large portion of people now spending time outside of their living rooms, marketers can no longer rely on mostly in-home media such as television, radio or the internet. South African Printed Shadenet Suppliers

Engaging consumers on the move is becoming a major focus for many brands out there and they go about it via mobile phone technology and social media, but physical outdoor advertising is a medium that cannot be switched off, flipped to the next page or thrown away, and so has a better chance of being seen and actually engaged with. Using public spaces or private spaces that are visible from high traffic public spaces is where your brand needs to be advertising with printed shade cloth. 

Printed Shadenet Solutions make their cloth from HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is an ultra durable substrate made from a petroleum by-product. It does not rot or gather mould in damp conditions, and is UV protective - which is perfect for the hot African sun - and is also recyclable. Those looking for a green marketing product need not worry about HDPE shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions!

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website today for extra informa tion on how you increase your exposure using branded shade cloth. With a wealth of experience in the shade cloth supply industry, Printed Shadenet Solutions are local leaders in shade cloth printing technology and they deliver to anywhere in South Africa.

Date Posted: 2013-05-02
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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