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HDPE Branded Shade Cloth


Future of marketing lies not in digital or television or radio or outdoor advertising, but rather it lies in people. We always expect the next invention to dictate our new strategies, but while they do change the way we go about our marketing, the fundamental element and the origin of all successful strategies comes from thinking about your consumers. And all your consumers (unless you live on Mars) are people. Taking people into account, using a medium like branded shade cloth, could be a great way to create new customers whilst not breaking bank. 

Marketer Dion Chang advocates using "soft power" in order to engage with consumers and co-opt them into your campaigns, instead brazenly asking them to buy your product. Subtlety and brand trust are very important here, and branded shade cloth, whether it be used on construction sites, at sports events or anywhere else, is a great way to build presence and trust, by associating places and events people like to go to, with your brand.HDPE branded shade cloth

Brands advertising with shade cloth at events like marathons build great presence amongst possible consumers who, when looking into buy items or services, will rather go with the brand they know, the brand who is present at events that they actively decide to go to. It is a great way of not harassing possible consumers, instead using branded shade cloth and other forms of “soft power” to create an environment that is comfortable for your consumers. 

Printed Shadenet Solutions are a South African branded shade cloth supplier, who have worked on products for major events like Fifa World Cup in 2010. They use a top quality material called High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to make their shade cloth. HDPE is UV resistant, does not rot or mould in damp conditions and is easy to display, transport and store. The reusability of branded shade cloth makes it great for “soft power” advertising as you can slowly create coverage at the right events and locations.

To learn more about the powers of  visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website. On the site there is extra info, press releases, examples or previous projects, as well as contact and product ordering details.

Date Posted: 2013-06-05
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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