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Outdoor Shade Cloth Advertising


Marathons and bicycle races, especially those that are televised, are great venues for outdoor shade cloth advertising. The nature of outdoor shade cloth advertising means that your brand is not only seen by spectators at these events, but also television views and people who see images (or videos) of the events online. This increases your reach exponentially; something other advertising media cannot do. 

Outdoor advertising may be seen by many as a dying form of marketing, and that digital advertising is the only area companies with small marketing budgets need to focus on, but statistics show that outdoor advertising is a very cost-effective investment. Because of the previously mentioned multi-platform nature of shade cloth advertising, as well as the fact that it can be reused many times over and in different locations, it provides a long term solution and a company asset that will pay for itself many times over, if looked after.Outdoor Shade Cloth Advertising

South African shade cloth supplier Printed Shadenet Solutions have been in the marketing material industry for more than a decade and have a wealth of knowledge that they impart on their customers. Consulting with them will produce the correct product for whatever campaign you wish to use it for. They use a material called HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a durable polymer and petroleum by-product. Recyclable and easy to store, HDPE shade cloth is the perfect material for companies who want just a few meters of cloth to construction sites wanting bathe their construction sites in hundreds of meters of shade cloth. 

Phone or email Printed Shadenet Solutions (details here) and talk to them about their outdoor shade cloth advertising . With many examples already up on their website, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to comparing and analysing which shade cloth branding solution will be best for you and your business. The point of marketing is to spend a little money in order to make a lot more. By building brand recognition with cost-effective shade cloth, you achieve these goals. 

Date Posted: 2013-06-20
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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