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Printed Shadenet for Scaffolding Wraps


 Printed Shadenet can be used on scaffolding towers on construction sites as a way to keep workers safe, protect assets from the sun, wind or rain, as well as act as a great outdoor branding solution. The multipurpose nature of the printed shade cloth medium make it a perfect marketing material as well as a very cost-effective one. Small, medium and large enterprises are all using printed shade cloth in one way or another - the most common of which can be found on construction sites.

Why do the big construction brands use shade cloth? And more importantly why have they chosen to print their logo onto this shade cloth? The reason for shade cloth as mention before is generally safety. Regulations in the industry mean that workers need to be protected from falling debris, wind, and harsh sunlight that can cause cancer if you are continually exposed to it. This in conjunction with created barriers to construction sites has necessitated the use of many meters of shade cloth - and with all this shade cloth around it would be a huge waste not to use to make a companies site look uniform and at the time time build brand exposure.Printed Shadenet for Scaffolding Wraps

Shade cloth is easy to print onto and long lengths of HDPE (high density polyethylene) netting can be a super cost-effective way to reproduce your logo so that no matter what angle your site is seen from, people know that your company is doing the building. And because many construction sites and renovations are done in high traffic areas (both pedestrian and motor vehicles) it makes sense to use a medium where your brand can be seen from quite a far distance.

Printed Shadenet Solutions make shadenet products for any location or need and with over ten years in the printed shade cloth industry, they have a wealth of knowledge and will help you pick the best solution for the job at hand. Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website for more information about printed shade cloth for scaffolding towers and other shade cloth uses.

Date Posted: 2013-08-07
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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