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Increase your Market Share with These Tips by Printed Shadenet Solutions


The following three tips can help your construction company improve its image and increase consumer engagement: 

1. How to Get More Construction Deals
In most technical companies like construction, marketing is often an afterthought.  Don't pay lip-service to construction marketing.  A good construction marketing strategy backed up by good sales conversion reaps dividends and will get you salary increases all round..  I am a marketing expert of over 30 years, brought up on tight budgets and making the most of what limited resource can be spared.  So here are some ideas that I hope will give you an edge in your construction market.

2. Make Sure You Are Clear on Your Business Strategy
To develop a marketing strategy, you need to be clear on your business strategy.  It is always good to kick off the new year with a clear idea of what business you are in and what you would like to achieve by the end of the year.  That quiet time at the beginning of the year is always a good time for reflection and spending quality time on your goals and plans. SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Time-based.  So before focusing on marketing make sure you do a SWOT, have a goal for turnover and profit, clarify your vision and mission, what your main target market focus areas are and then go for it.

3. What Marketing Does For You
You need to be clear on what the needs of your target market are and how you can best differentiate yourself from your competition with your unique capabilities to win business and market share.  When you put in a bid or make a sales call, it is essential that they already know who you are and have a good idea of what you stand for, and how you can best serve their needs.  Instead of waiting for tenders and enquiries to come to you and competing with all and sundry - you want to build relationships and networks so that you can selectively get deals where you have the opportunity to win the work with your trust and relationship focus.  Going in cold, you are at a severe disadvantage and if you pitch up for example and they are expecting a "doctor" and you look like a "mechanic", you are not going to get the deal.  First impressions do count and it is critical that your target market gets consistent messages that clearly convey to them who you are.

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website for more information. 

Date Posted: 2013-08-19
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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