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Printed Shadenet for Perimeter Fencing


Perimeter fences on your building sites are a great place to advertise your construction company brand using printed shadenet. Extremely popular on construction sites across the globe, shadenet is a blank canvas that is begging to be used for advertising and bathing your construction sites in printed shadenet with your brand logo and colours will make your site (and thus your image) look neat and professional - all the while building greater brand awareness. 

Printed shadenet is one of the more cost-effective advertising media, and outdoor advertising has been proven to be be more successful per rand spent than traditional media, like television. 

So why is outdoor advertising so effective? It all has to do with the the medium itself, as well as how well you place your branding material. Printed shadenet allows you to target audiences that are already interested in your product, service, or market as well as create huge amounts of company awareness through things like perimeter fencing on construction sites. Used at sporting events, your branded shadenet is targeting people who go to these sports events and if you are selling sport-related products, then you are almost exclusively selling to your target market.Printed Shadenet for Perimeter Fencing

Construction sites work in a different way from sports printed shadenet marketing, as they are more of a long-term advertising strategy - where you build up trust and awareness through constant exposure to your company brand. When consumers are looking to build or renovate, if they know your brand they are far more likely to go with it than some other brand they have never heard of. 

Another thing to remember when using printed shadenet (or shade cloth) is that is it versatile and reusable, meaning it can be used repeatedly in many different locations. The nature of the material means you can store and transport it it easily, and if looked after, the cloth can last for years. For these and many other reasons shadenet is a popular, durable material for advertising, and well worth the initial expense.

To find out more about how you can use printed shadenet for perimeter fences on construction sites or any other marketing use, visit Printed Shadenet Solutions. Their experience in the industry is invaluable when deciding on the best outdoor branding solution for your business. 

Date Posted: 2013-07-24
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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