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South African Printed Shadenet Suppliers (shade cloth)


 Are you looking for an alternative way to build brand presence? Are you looking for shadenet suppliers?  South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to produce knitted HDPE shadenet and was definitely the first to invent shadeport structures using tensioned knitted HDPE.  Hundreds of thousands of metres of knitted HDPE shadenet is sold by shadenet suppliers in South Africa.

Printed Shadenet Solutions is a Cape Town-based shadenet supplier (who deliver anywhere in the country). We cost-effectively manufacture and supply thousands of metres of shadenet every year to large shadenet consumers like construction companies and sports brands. Shadenet is supplied in various colours, widths, densities and configurations - whatever your outdoor branding need, there is a shadenet solution for you.

Depending on the application, Printed Shade Solutions can advise on the ideal product for your needs.  Thousands of metres of shadenet were manufactured and supplied for the Fifa 2010 World Cup Soccer for erecting temporary event fencing for crowd control and to cordon off areas of the practice and training fields.South African Printed Shadenet Suppliers

Shadenet suppliers stock green and black and a range of other standard colours . It's not easy to get green and black shadenet in 1.8m height with eyelets top and bottom which is easy for fencing.  Printed Shade Solutions manufacture black shadenet and green shadenet in 1.8m fence height for the construction and event industry.

Shadenet generally comes in 3m width and Shade Solutions manufacture shadenet to your specific colour, width and density for a minimum run of 2,000m.  You can either choose a colour from the standard range which is the closest match to your corporate colour which is the easiest way to go, or they will try and match the colour to your corporate identity. This is more difficult, a little more expensive and can take time.

But once it is done, then you don't need to bother with other  shadenet suppliers, because the once we have your specifications subsequent orders can be rolled out much quicker and easier; just reorder and production and delivery take 4 to 6 weeks maximum.  Many construction companies are doing this with Printed Shadenet Solutions currently.  It saves them time and money and their sites look awesome.  

If you are looking for shadenet suppliers, visit our website now. We are one of the most recommended printed shadenet suppliers in Africa and with over a decade in the industry we offer great advice and even better prices.

Date Posted: 2013-08-28
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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