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Construction Shade Cloth Printing for Grinaker-LTA


A very popular way to advertise construction companies in spaces where there is a high amount of traffic, be it motor vehicle or pedestrian, is through printed shade cloth. Recently Printed Shade Solutions did some construction shade cloth printing for Grinaker-LTA, one of the biggest South African construction companies. By deciding to use Printed Shade Solutions for their construction shade cloth printing, Grinaker-LTA created a blanket branding solution which gave their construction sites a uniform and professional look.

Construction shade cloth printing for Grinaker-LTA

Grinaker-LTA used the printed shade cloth for all their Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal construction sites, the result of which is that they are contemplating stretching this to all regions of South Africa in which they work. After seeing the results of their initial printed shade cloth advertising exercise, which consisted of branded shade cloth for all their construction site perimeters, there has been much interest in similar branding for their sites country-wide, which could also extend from only perimeters to scaffolding towers wraps as well.

Printed Shade Solutions use a specially formulated ink and screen print or spray paint onto HDPE. HDPE is used instead of the traditional PVC because it is cheaper as well as being more affordable. The problem with HDPE has always been that it has an oily outer layer which was impossible to print onto. Printed Shade Solutions have however found a solution to this problem.

Shade cloth printing is not only for construction sites though, as it is also very effective at outdoor and sports events, where shade cloth is constantly present; if you have been to outdoor events you will more than likely have seen shade cloth branding in action. It is hard to miss and creates uniformity at an event, as companies use their logos and dominant brand colour.

If you are interested in something similar to the construction shade cloth printing for Grinaker-LTA then go to the websites ( for more news, information and contact details. The construction shade cloth printing for Grinaker-LTA in these images should give you an idea as to what the company does, but there are more images on the site to fully understand the power of shade cloth advertising.

Date Posted: 2011-12-05
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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