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Shadenet Branding for Murray & Roberts Construction


To keep up with modern trends it imperative that all construction sites market and advertise their brand at their building locations. With so much free advertising space it is clear and obvious why construction companies would want to do so. Shadenet Branding for Murray & Roberts Construction boosts public awareness and also makes their construction sites look neat and uniform. shadenet branding

Murray & Roberts Construction agreed to a set printed shadecloth branding specification that can be used for perimeter at their sites countrywide. They have opted for a very basic and clearly visible white printing on black shadenet, which is easy to see and because the background is black, hides the dirt a lot better than a white or lightly coloured background.

Printed Shadenet Solutions manufactured black shadenet 1.8 meters high with an 80% density and eyelets top and bottom to give the exterior of their construction sites a neat and uniform look.  Having the heavy contrast of white text on a black background makes the branded shadecloth easy to see, even from a distance, for passing traffic.

Large construction sites are usually in very visible areas like main roads or parking lots, meaning that you have a free advertising space which is being frequented by a large audience constantly. Low-cost shadenetting, combined with a large printed logo is the best possible form of construction site advertising.  

The durability of Printed Shadenet Solutions' shadecloth branding is ideal for construction sites because it doesn't tear, rot, fade or get damaged easily by extreme weather conditions which are substantial in winter time. The Murray & Roberts Construction choice of black shadenet is easily washable and can be erected, taken down, moved or stored for later use, with ease. Ease-of-use is what distinguishes shadecloth advertising from other forms of more rigid fixed outdoor advertising like billboards.

If you are interested in shadenet branding for your construction company, visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website where you will find more information, news, images and contact details. The Shadenet Branding for Murray & Roberts Construction is an advertising success story, why not replicate it for your company.

Date Posted: 2012-03-21
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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