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Companies who predominately work outdoors in public spaces have a great opportunity to use shade cloth printers like Printed Shade Solutions to create a range of outdoor branding products.  Construction companies like Haw & Inglis, Murray & Roberts and Grinaker –LTA as well as sporting events like the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, have all used shade cloth printers to advertise their brand using free advertising space.

 shade cloth printers

Having worked in the industry for more than twenty years, Printed Shade Solutions have designed shade cloth products that utilize the strongest and most cost effective materials in order to deliver outstanding results every time. Their specially formulated ink is one of the first inks that can be screen printed or sprayed onto HDPE shade cloth. Traditionally PVC was used for printed shade cloth, but HDPE is stronger and lasts longer, so the switch was inevitable, but being one of the first to do so, Printed Shade Solutions now have a great deal of experience with the material.

The problem manufacturers had with HDPE is that it has an oily substrate that makes it very hard for ink to adhere to its surface. Once Printed Shade Solutions solved this problem it allowed them to create shade cloth for big companies at a cheaper price than anyone working on PVC or other shade cloth materials. Once your basic materials go down in price it follows that the finished product cost to companies is severely reduced as well.

Shade cloth can be used for many different structures; some purely decorative for advertising purposes, but many provide dual roles. Shade cloth can be used for speed-fences (the fencing along bicycle or running races to keep spectators off the course), scaffolding tower wraps at construction sites, covers for vehicle storage (the shade cloth negates the damaging effect sunlight has on the car’s paint), gazebos and construction site perimeter fences.

If you wish to take advantage of outdoor advertising by using shade cloth printers go to the Printed Shade Solutions website for more information, contact details as well as the latest news and images of what they are doing ( Just remember shade cloth printers were not all created equal, so go for someone who has a lot of experience and delivers quality products every time.

Date Posted: 2012-01-09
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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